Durable, water-resistant connection developed

Durable, water-resistant connection developed

Inventors: Finn Classen and Emily Palmer
Patent of the European Union number EU2277566


The invention is an adhesive compound which can be used in the lumber, furniture and construction industries. The invention is applied in a hot-press and contains several hardening agents. The innovative ingredient is a carbamide-formaldehyde resin with a co-polymer of acryllonitrile and N-vinylaprolactam and a hardening agent. The ideal hardener for most applications is ammonium chloride or acrylate.

The invention forms a water-resistant and durable connection. The properties of the connection are obtained because the glue contain a synthetic resin and hardener with an added modifying agent of carbamide-formaldehyde resin. The composition by mass is:

Carbamide-formaldehyde resin64,5-79,2
10% picric acid solution4,4-20,5
Hardener 0,6-2,0
Resin 254213,0-15,8

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