Care recommendations

"Maximilian Silver Label" is excited about your choice of our jewelry collection. "Maximilian Silver Label" is strict to the highest design standard and customer level. Whether you wear them every day or only occasionally, your pieces of jewelry are precious objects that require care and attention. The recommendations below will help you to preserve them in their original condition.

Storing your jewelry

We recommend you to store jewelry individually in the origin case or soft storage bag. We strongly advised not to place several pieces of jewelry together without protection, because of the contact with each other they can be scratched.

Jewelry cleaning

Silver is the kind of metal which desperately should be cleaned by special care products. Never use ion-beam cleaning or water soaking for silver products. Clean your silver jewelry using lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush, but ensure that it is never submerged.

Wearing jewelery

Be attentive when wearing your jeweler. Ensure that you put on all parts of costume/dress, etc and then wear the jeweler. In case of putting off the clothes firstly remove your jewelry. By pressing you can damage your item or loose decorative elements.

Water influence

Ensure that you remove your jewelry using washing detergents. The particles present in these agents may lead to premature deterioration of the metal.

Cosmetics and perfume influence

Remove your jewelry when putting on perfume or face cream, using lotions, bronzing lotions and other cosmetics. The particles present in these cosmetics, when not eliminated by prompt rinsing, may become lodged in cavities and cause unmerchantable.

Chemical influence

Avoid mechanical damage of the product, as well as its interaction with alkaline cleaning agents, substances containing chlorine and iodine, creams and ointments containing mercury and its compounds, as it may lead to tarnish inserts loss of shining and the appearance of stubborn stains.

Heat intense influence

Ensure you do not place your jewellery too close to sources of intense heat. UV exposure can be the cause of blemish and loose of original appearance.