Create Your Personal Style

Designing original pieces of silver jewellery, Maximilian Silver Label is the latest milestone in the evolution of Maximilian London, the English jewellery house founded nearly twenty years ago, and which can now be found across the whole globe. Continuing to uphold the brand’s philosophy of creating exclusive and truly unique pieces using precious stones, the Silver Label addresses the needs of the customer who is looking for jewellery, which is fashionable, stylish, sophisticated and is unlike anything else. Our pieces are wonderful to wear, and just as wonderful to give or receive as a gift.

In order to create its jewellery, Maximilian Silver Label works in collaboration with talented young designers and reflects the global jewellery industry’s boldest and most fashionable trends. We are proof that silver is always on trend, you simply have to know how to find its potential. Each piece is an example of fine craftsmanship produced at the highest standard, displaying meticulous attention to detail and a unique design, which is easy to recognise, whether it be a discreet ring from the ‘I Love You’ collection or even a bold masculine bracelet with stylised links on the anchor chain.

The concept of Maximilian Silver Label is encapsulated in the slogan “Create Your Personal Style”. The idea is simple: with the help of jewellery which can be worn in combination (e.g. the “Symbols of Life” or “I Love You” collections), or chosen on the basis of their transformational abilities (e.g. the “Bullets” collection), each customer has the opportunity to create something special for themselves – a piece of unique, almost custom-made jewellery.