Symbols of Faith

Symbols of Faith, the collection of dog tags for men, is more than simply pieces of jewellery or religious attributes. Heavy, brutal and masculine, they are very different from those religious items that we have become used to seeing. Created in the form of a military dog tag, they are decorated with prayers and the symbols of the three main world religions. They are a wonderful present for young and old alike, regardless of whether or not they have any experience of military service.

The creative process behind the Symbols of Faith collection contained some challenging design and technical questions: to create a piece of jewellery which is deliberately simple and not overloaded with detail, and yet whose purpose is clear and elegant is no easy task, and yet the result justified all the means.

Each dog tag is made from sterling silver which is either poured into a mould or stamped into hot enamel, and is hung on a black leather strap complete with a silver clasp. Our collection encapsulates several religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Our Islamic tokens are covered in hot enamel (available in the traditional colours of green, blue or black) and decorated with the Basmala on one side and the 99 Names of Allah on the reverse. Our Jewish dog tags are decorated with the Star of David on one side and the words of the Ben Porat prayer on the reverse. Our Christian dog tags are decorated with an image of Christ on one side and the Lord’s Prayer on the reverse.