I Love You

The I Love You ring collection was Maximilian Silver Label’s first creation, and so for us it holds a particularly special meaning. These precise, discreet and almost ascetic rings can be given as gifts symbolising the gentlest and warmest of feelings - as a declaration of love.

Without exaggeration, “I love you” can be considered the most desired phrase that anyone in love craves to hear, and yet isn’t always so simple to say out loud. The “I Love You” ring is available to help you declare your love in nine languages, whether you would like to open up your heart to somebody for the first time in a unique way or to remind someone of your feelings. Your declaration will remain as an elegant reminder on the finger of your loved one for ever.

The jewellery in this collection compliment each other perfectly and look wonderful in pairs on one hand, or even stacked on one finger, particularly if you are to choose different-shaped pieces. All of our I Love You rings are made from sterling silver and come in two designs: with either straight or scalloped edges. Our customers are also able to choose from black ruthenium or white rhodium, both available in a matte or glossy finish.

Our collection is due to expand soon and will not only include rings, but also bracelets, for both men and women.