Cathedrals of St. Petersburg

The collection of cufflinks entitled Cathedrals of St. Petersburg is the dazzling embodiment of Maximilian Silver Label’s design concept “Create Your Personal Style”. It is more than possible to mix and match the vivid images of St Petersburg printed on these cufflinks - they don’t necessarily have to be worn in pairs! When creating this collection, the owners of the brand wanted to create cufflinks which were interchangeable and easy to combine with one another - therein lies the secret of the success of the Cathedrals of St. Petersburg.

The unrivalled attention to the smallest of details on each piece is accomplished through casting sterling silver in a mould, blackening the face of the cufflink and framing it with gold plating.

Identical in shape yet different in design, these cufflinks are not only the ideal accessory for citizens of St. Petersburg, but also a wonderful memento for guests to the cultural capital of Russia. And who said that these cufflinks should look good exclusively on men? Our universal and original designs allow these cufflinks to also be presented as gifts to women who know the value of authentic jewellery.

Our collection currently consists of four images of St. Petersburg’s iconic landscape: the archway of the General Staff building, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ (otherwise known as the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood), St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Kazan Cathedral. Maximilian Silver Label is planning to expand on this theme and develop our collection to include cufflinks with images of famous sights from the world’s most beautiful cities.