Our Bullets pendant collection embodies the idea of transformer jewellery which is able to collapse in on itself as part of our concept of “Create Your Personal Style”. While the idea might seem brutal, in actual fact the finished pieces are stylish and elegant and can appeal to both men and women.

Each pendant is created out of sterling silver and is made up of two parts: the main body (the cartridge) and the bullet itself, the combination of which can be selected according to the customer’s wishes. The silver matte cartridges combine wonderfully with the glossy bullets. The bullets are available in either white rhodium, black ruthenium, rose or yellow gold plating. Each original pendant is accompanied by an impressive silk or leather strap which gives the jewellery a sense of brutal refinement. While the collection was not designed to be unisex - these are meant to be modest and unpretentious accessories for men - around a lady’s neck these bullets appear almost to be a playful challenge with a note of danger.