“Bamboo”, the new women’s collection of jewelry designed by Maximilian Silver Label, the English jewelry house, has combined images embodying Asia familiar to the whole world: bamboo shoots, panda bear and noble jade.

Along with the previous lines, “Bamboo” line continues not only an exquisite game with textures of rings and pendants but also a game with meaning. Jewelry of sterling silver is presented in a variety of options: matte and glossy, with gilding, blackening or rhodium-plating but most importantly – with all the variety of jade mined in Siberia.

Jade has long been known in different parts of the world but the real cult of it has undoubtedly been formed in China. Two thousand years ago jade there was valued more than gold, it was considered a stone of the imperial family, a symbol of wisdom, eternity and first of all immortality, a magical amulet given by the sky. It was used to decorate palaces and tombs, household items and ornaments which are still auctioned off for tens of millions.

Other ancient cultures valued jade none the less. The Aztecs used jade knives for sacrifices, the Sumerian priests performed magical rituals with objects from jade, the Mongols decorated their clothes and weapons with it, and the Maori people in New Zealand made symbols of supreme power and sacred relics from pounamu.

A beautiful tender jade has been mined for a long time in Russia. Although its story here is not as bright and mystical as the Chinese one the richness of the deposits gives all the variety of colors of this stone. The “Bamboo” collection presents the basic shades of noble Siberian jade: honey, dark green, green, apple, black and even such rare and valuable as white. In each piece of jewelry large jade beads rotate around their axis reminiscent of rotation of the planets. In addition, the jade picture really creates a sense of relief on the surface of celestial bodies – there is the whole world on your finger, a continuation of the legends about a stone given from above, isn’t it?

In addition to jade, the collection is supplemented by two more stones: a deep purple charoite (by the way, the only world’s deposit of which is located in Russia) and a juicy olive-amber hydrogrossular.

In one of the rings the bamboo shoots are folded into two smiling panda muzzles, between which a stone is fixed. Black and white bear is another inalienable symbol of Asia which so clearly represents its uniqueness and singularity at the same time, exactly what the jewelers of Maximilian Silver Label tried to implement in the new collection.